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LAC 46:XLV.4505(E)(4)

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Scope of Practice: Physician Assistant


A physician assistant, who is providing their services during life-threatening emergencies or disasters, is not required to follow physician supervising requirements. A physician assistant who volunteers with a nonprofit organization is not required to be supervised by their supervising physician but by a licensed physician who is present.

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Services Performed by Physician Assistants

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4. act as or engage in the functions of a physician assistant other than on the direction and under the direction and supervision of his supervising physician at the location or locations specified in physician assistant's notice of practice location to the board, except in the following situations: a. if the physician assistant is acting as assistant in life-threatening emergencies and in situations such as man-made and natural disaster or a physician emergency relief efforts; b. if the physician assistant is volunteering his services to a non-profit charitable organization, receives no compensation for such services, and is performing such services under the supervision and in the presence of a licensed physician;