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32 MRS 4874

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Good Samaritan Law: Animal Rescue


An individual, who, voluntarily and without compensation, provides emergency treatment or rescue assistance to an animal, will not be held legally responsible for acting or failing to act. They can be held legally responsible if acting with extreme carelessness or intent to cause harm. Generally, Good Samaritan laws only offer protection for those individuals who provide care during spontaneous emergencies unrelated to volunteer deployment.

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Immunity from civil liability

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Notwithstanding any inconsistent provisions of any public or private and special law, any person who voluntarily, without the expectation of monetary or other compensation renders first aid, emergency treatment or rescue assistance to an animal who is ill, injured or in need of rescue assistance, is not liable for damages for injuries alleged to have been sustained by the animal or for damages for the death of the animal alleged to have occurred by reason of an act or omission in the rendering of the first aid, emergency treatment or rescue assistance, unless it is established that the injuries or the death were caused willfully, wantonly or recklessly or by gross negligence on the part of the person.