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30-A MRS 3156

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Liability: Emergency Services in Another Municipality


Municipal or volunteer firefighters or emergency services personnel, who provide aid in another municipality, will receive the same immunity as if they were in their own municipality.

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Aid to other municipalities

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Unless otherwise provided by charter or ordinance, the municipal officers may authorize the municipal fire department or, if separate, employees who provide emergency services to aid with any public safety emergencies in other municipalities by providing as needed all the municipal fire department’s available resources or, if separate, available employees who provide emergency services. Municipal and volunteer firefighters and employees who provide emergency services when assisting other municipalities have the same privileges and immunities as when acting in their own municipality. Any municipality may compensate an aiding municipality or volunteer fire association for damage to the aiding department’s or association’s property and to any firefighter or to the firefighter’s surviving spouse or dependents because of injury or death sustained in the course of rendering aid to that municipality.