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32 MRS 1525--A

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License Reciprocity: Interpreter


An interpreter, who is a resident of another jurisdiction and provides, without compensation, their service for less than 160 hours per year in the State, is not required to become licensed in the State. When an emergency declaration is in effect, services provided will not count towards the 160 hour limit.

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Exemptions to licensure

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1. Nonresident interpreters. This chapter does not apply to interpreters who are residents of a jurisdiction other than this State and who do not interpret for compensation or remuneration in the State for more than 160 hours per year. Service during declared state or national emergencies does not count toward the 160 hours per year limitation. 2. Medical emergencies. This chapter does not apply to a person providing communication assistance during a medical emergency. For purposes of this subsection, “medical emergency” is when a person’s medical condition could be significantly compromised by delaying assessment and treatment.