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Md. Courts and Judicial Proceedings Code Ann. 5-602

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Liability: Providing Shelter


An individual owning or controlling real estate, who, without compensation, allows it to be used to shelter people or supplies and materials during an actual or practice emergency or attack, will not be held legally responsible for injury or damage to a person or property.

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Emergency defense and civil defense shelters

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(a) Definitions. -- In this section, "emergency management and civil defense" and "emergency" have the meanings stated in the State Emergency Management and Civil Defense Act. (b) In general. -- No action for damages may be brought against a person, firm, or corporation who allows premises which he owns, controls, or occupies to be used, free of charge, for one of the following purposes:(1) Sheltering persons during an attack or raid by an enemy; (2) Stocking of food, water, medical supplies, equipment, or other materials to be used in the event of an attack upon the United States; or (3) Sheltering persons during an emergency. (c) Application of section. -- This section applies only to injuries to person or property incurred on or adjacent to the premises:(1) During an actual or practice attack or raid; (2) While supplies and materials are being moved or stored; (3) During an emergency; or (4) During inspections or visits connected with emergency management and civil defense.