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Hospital Privileges During a Disaster


When an emergency declaration is in effect, a physician registered with the Maryland Physician Volunteer Corps can be granted temporary privileges in a hospital they are not on staff. Disaster privileges will only last the duration of the declaration or until a hospital executive decides the emergency no longer exists.

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Physician Credentialing Process

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G. Disaster Privileges. (1) During an emergency or disaster in which the hospital's disaster or emergency management plan has been activated, when the Governor has declared that a state of emergency exists, or when the Secretary has issued an order pursuant to Health-General Article, § 18-905, Annotated Code of Maryland, the chief executive officer, medical staff president, or designee may grant temporary disaster privileges to licensed physicians who have not been appointed to the hospital's medical staff. (2) The hospital shall develop a medical staff plan for the granting of disaster privileges that identifies: (a) The individual responsible for granting disaster privileges; (b) The responsibilities of that individual; (c) A system to manage, assign, and supervise the physicians who have been granted disaster privileges; and (d) The process by which credentials and privileges are verified as soon as the situation allows, ensuring that the process complies with § C of this regulation. (3) Physicians granted disaster privileges by a hospital shall: (a) Be registered and trained by the Department as part of the Department's Maryland Physician Volunteer Corps and possess the Department issued photo identification; or (b) Comply with the hospital's medical staff plan for granting privileges in a disaster, which shall require at least one of the following: (i) Presentation of a current Maryland license to practice medicine and a valid identification picture (ID) issued by a state, federal, or regulatory agency; (ii) Presentation of a license to practice medicine from another state if a state of emergency has been declared by the Governor and the assistance of the physician has been requested by Maryland pursuant to the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, Public Safety Article, § 14-702, Annotated Code of Maryland; (iii) Presentation of a current photo identification card from another Maryland hospital where the physician is a member of the medical staff; or (iv) Verification by a current member of the hospital's medical staff who has personal knowledge regarding the practitioner's identity and current Maryland medical licensure. (4) Disaster privileges shall be discontinued when the hospital's chief executive officer, medical staff president, or designee determines that the emergency condition no longer exists and that the hospital has adequate resources to meet the patient's needs. (5) The hospital shall maintain records that include: (a) The number of hours worked by each physician; (b) The type of service provided by each physician; (c) The location where these services were provided; and (d) Any additional information required by the Department for federal and State reimbursement.