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Code of Ala. 31-9-12

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Workers' Compensation: Out-of-State Firefighter, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Medical Services Provider


An out-of-state volunteer firefighter, auxiliary or part-time law enforcement officer, and emergency medical services provider who is injured or killed during the performance of duties is entitled to workers' compensation from the city, town, or district where the incident occurs.

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Mobile Support Units from Other States

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(a) Whenever a mobile support unit of another state shall render aid in this state pursuant to the orders of the governor of its home state and upon the request of the Governor of this state, this state shall reimburse such other state for the compensation paid and actual and necessary travel, subsistence and maintenance expenses of the personnel of such mobile support unit while rendering such aid, and for all payments for death, disability or injury of such personnel incurred in the course of rendering such aid, and for all losses of or damage to supplies and equipment of such other state or a political subdivision thereof resulting from the rendering of such aid; provided that the laws of such other state contain provisions substantially similar to this section or that provisions to the foregoing effect are embodied in a reciprocal mutual aid agreement or compact or that the federal government has authorized or agreed to make reimbursement for such mutual aid as provided in this section. (b) No personnel of mobile support units of this state shall be ordered by the Governor to operate in any other state unless the laws of such other state contain provisions substantially similar to this section or unless the reciprocal mutual aid agreements or compacts include provisions providing for such reimbursement or unless such reimbursement will be made by the federal government by law or agreement.