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OAR 855-019-0280

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Scope of Practice: Pharmacist During Public Health Emergency


When a public health emergency declaration or disease outbreak warning is in effect, and where the Governor or Public Health Director authorizes reducing the age limit on persons eligible to receive vaccines, a pharmacist can administer a vaccine to an individual at least 3 years of age.

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Protocols, Policies and Procedures

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(1) Prior to administering a vaccine to a person who is at least 7 years of age a pharmacist must follow protocols written and approved by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) for administration of vaccines and the treatment of severe adverse events following administration of a vaccine. (2) A pharmacist during a declared emergency may administer a vaccine to a person who is at least three (3) years of age when; (a) The Governor declares a state of public health emergency and authorizes the reduced age limitation; or (b) The Public Health Director, during a declared disease outbreak, authorizes a reduction in the age limit. (3) The pharmacy must maintain written policies and procedures for handling and disposal of used or contaminated equipment and supplies. (4) The pharmacist must give the appropriate Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) to the patient or legal representative with each dose of vaccine covered by these forms. The pharmacist must ensure that the patient or legal representative is available and has read, or has had read to them, the information provided and has had their questions answered prior to administering the vaccine. (5) The pharmacist must report adverse events as required by the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) and to the primary care provider as identified by the patient. (6) The pharmacist may prescribe, administer or dispense immunizations, including oral vaccines, as established by written protocols approved by OHA.