{"political subdivision":"a county, city, borough, or municipality"}
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ALM Spec L ch. S31 11(b)

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Powers, Duties, Immunities and Privileges: Law Enforcement Providing Aid in Another Jurisdiction


A political subdivision must authorize law enforcement aid through an ordinance, by-law or vote by an authorizing board when it is requested by another political subdivision during riots or violence. When approved, they will have the same powers, duties, immunities, and privileges as in their home jurisdiction. The requesting political subdivision will compensate for injury or death.

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Auxiliary Firemen & Police

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(b) Cities and towns may be ordinance or by-law, or by vote of the aldermen, selectmen, or board exercising similar powers, authorize their respective police departments to go to aid another city or town at the request of said city or town in the suppression of riots or other forms of violence therein, and, while in the performance of their duties in extending such aid, the members of such departments shall have the same powers, duties, immunities and privileges as if performing the same within their respective cities or towns. Any such ordinance, by-law or vote may authorize the head of the police department to extend such aid subject to such conditions and restrictions as may be prescribed therein. Any city or town aided under and in accordance with this section shall compensate any city or town rendering aid as aforesaid for the whole or any part of any damage to its property sustained in the course of rendering the same and shall reimburse it in whole or in part for any payments lawfully made to any member of its police department or to his widow or other dependents on account of injuries or death suffered by him in the course of rendering aid as aforesaid or of death resulting from such injuries.