{"First responder":"Law enforcement officer, EMT, firefighter, and medical personal at schools."}
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63 Okl. St. 1-2506.1

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Scope of Practice: First Responders Administration of Opioid Antagonists


A first responder can administer an opioid antagonist, without a prescription, to an individual believed to be suffering from an opioid-related overdose, and will not be held legally responsible for acting or for failing to act.

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Authority of First Responders to Administer Opiate Antagonists

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A. First responders shall have the authority to administer, without prescription, opiate antagonists when encountering an individual exhibiting signs of an opiate overdose. For the purposes of this provision, a first responder shall include: 1. Law enforcement officials; 2. Emergency medical technicians; 3. Firefighters; and 4. Medical personnel at secondary schools and institutions of higher education. B. Any first responder administering an opiate antagonist in a manner consistent with addressing opiate overdose shall be covered under the Good Samaritan Act.