Emergency Law Inventory | Full Law Text

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63 Okl. St. 683.13(A)

Summary Title

Workers’ Compensation: Emergency Management Worker


An individual, who participates in emergency management activities, is entitled to workers’ compensation. A firefighter or law enforcement officer engaged in emergency management activities will be entitled to benefits from a pension fund.

Full Title

Functions as Governmental—Workers’ Compensation or Pension Rights—License Requirements

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A. All functions hereunder and all other activities relating to emergency management are hereby declared to be governmental functions. The provisions of this section shall not affect the right of any person to receive benefits to which the person would otherwise be entitled under this act, or under the workers’ compensation law, or under any pension law, nor the right of any such person to receive any benefits or compensation under any Act of Congress. Any municipal fireman or policeman engaged in any emergency management activities, while complying with or attempting to comply with this act or any rule or regulation pursuant thereto, shall be considered as serving in his or her regular line of duty and shall be entitled to all benefits of any applicable pension fund.