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63 Okl. St. 695.5

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Powers, Duties, Rights, and Privileges: Member of Emergency Forces


An individual who is a member of the emergency forces and who responds to a request for assistance by another jurisdiction under the Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact, will have the same powers, duties, rights, and privileges as they would ordinarily have in the jurisdiction where they regularly work.

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Jurisdictions’ Duty to Provide Mutual Aid—Limitations—Command and Control of Emergency Forces

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Any jurisdiction requested to render mutual aid or conduct exercises and training for mutual aid shall take such action as is necessary to provide and make available the resources covered by the Oklahoma Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact in accordance with the terms hereof; provided that it is understood that the jurisdiction rendering aid may withhold resources to the extent necessary to provide reasonable protection for its own jurisdiction. Each jurisdiction shall afford the emergency forces of any jurisdiction, while operating within its jurisdictional limits under the terms and conditions of the Compact, the same powers, duties, rights, and privileges as are afforded forces of the jurisdiction in which they are performing emergency services. Emergency forces will continue under the command and control of their regular leaders, but the organizational units will come under operational control of the emergency services authorities of the jurisdiction receiving assistance and must report to the incident check-in location for assignment.