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ALM Spec L ch. S31 11(c)

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Powers, Duties, Immunities and Privileges: Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officer Providing Aid in Another Jurisdiction


Law enforcement officer and firefighters responding to a request for aid have the same powers, immunities, duties, and privileges as in their home jurisdiction. The requesting political subdivision will compensate the responders for any injury or death.

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Auxiliary Firemen & Police

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(c) The head of the fire or police department of any city, town or district of the commonwealth shall, after the issuing of any proclamation provided for in this act, order such portion of his department, with its normal equipment, as the governor may request, for service in any part of the commonwealth where the governor may deem such service necessary for the protection of life and property. When on such service, police officers and firemen shall have the same powers, duties, immunities and privileges as if they were performing their duties within their respective cities, towns or districts. The commonwealth shall compensate any city, town or district for damage to its property sustained in such service and shall reimburse it for any payments lawfully made by it to any member of its police or fire department or to his widow or other dependents on account of injuries sustained by him in such service or of death resulting from such injuries. Persons appointed to the auxiliary police force in a city or town shall exercise or perform such of the powers or duties of police officers as may be prescribed by the appointing authority including but not limited to replacing and performing the duties of regular personnel who may be actually engaged in the direct control or suppression of riots or other civil disturbance, and no civil defense personnel shall be so utilized in any such direct riot control activities; provided, that said powers or duties shall not be exercised or performed by them except while they are on active duty and displaying an authorized badge or other insignia after being called to such duty by the head of the police force of such city or town to meet a situation which, in his opinion, cannot be adequately handled by the regular police force and by the reserve police force if any, of such city or town. Auxiliary police in towns, but not in cities, may be authorized by the appointing authorities to exercise the powers conferred by section ten of this act upon members of regular, special or reserve police forces of said towns, except as provided above.