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63 Okl. St. 695.6

Summary Title

License Reciprocity: License Not Required During Emergency


An individual who holds a license or certification, from any jurisdiction, to practice a professional, mechanical, or other skill, can practice without complying with the local licensure requirements of the jurisdiction where their services were requested.

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Effect of License, Certificate, or Permit for Providing Professional, Mechanical, or Other Skilled Services

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Whenever any person holds a license, certificate, or other permit issued by any jurisdiction party evidencing the meeting of qualifications for professional, mechanical, or other skills, and when such assistance is requested by the receiving jurisdiction, such person shall be deemed licensed, certified, or permitted by the jurisdiction requesting assistance to render aid involving such skill to meet an emergency or disaster, or a nondisaster incident or activity as determined by the participating jurisdictions, subject to such limitations and conditions as the requesting jurisdiction may prescribe by executive order or otherwise.