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N.D. Admin. Code 33-11-01.2-11

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License Exemption: Out-of-State Ambulance and Fire Services


An operator of an ambulance, licensed out-of-state, can pick up patients in North Dakota when there is a disaster or accident that requires ambulance services. An out-of-state fire service can bring NREMT-certified emergency medical personnel to provide physician-supervised treatment to their own staff.

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Out-of-state operators

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1. Operators licensed in another state may pick up patients within this state for transportation to locations within this state under the following circumstances: a. When there is a natural disaster, such as a tornado, earthquake, or other disaster, which may require all available ambulances to transport the injured; or b. When an out-of-state ambulance is traveling through the state for whatever purpose comes upon an accident where immediate emergency ambulance services are necessary. 2. Out-of-state ambulance services who expect to pick up patients from within this state and transport to locations within this state must meet the North Dakota state standards and become licensed under chapter 23-27 of the North Dakota Century Code and this chapter. 3. Out-of-state fire units responding to North Dakota for the purposes of forest fire or grassland fire suppression may bring their own emergency medical personnel to provide emergency medical treatment to their own staff. The emergency medical personnel must be certified by the national registry of emergency medical technicians and have physician oversight.