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N.D. Cent. Code, 43-51-04

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License Reciprocity: Out-of-State Practitioner During Declared Emergency


When an emergency declaration is in effect, and after providing written notice to the appropriate state licensing board, an individual, who currently maintains an out-of-state license in good standing, can provide services, within the scope of their license, in North Dakota for up to 60 days per year.

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Emergency practice without a license

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Upon prior written notice to the appropriate board, a foreign practitioner may provide services in this state which fall within the scope of practice designated by the foreign practitioner’s license and by this title without obtaining a license from the board, if the services are provided for a period of time not to exceed sixty consecutive days in a calendar year and are provided in response to a disaster declared by the appropriate authority in this state. The notice provided by a foreign practitioner under this section must include verified documentation from the appropriate licensing authority which identifies the requirements for licensure in that jurisdiction and which confirms that the practitioner is licensed and in good standing in that jurisdiction and any other information requested by the board. A notice provided under this section, if accompanied by sufficient documentation, is deemed to be accepted unless denied by the board. If a notice under this section is denied, the foreign practitioner immediately shall cease providing services under this section and may not resume providing services until after a successful appeal of the board’s decision under chapter 28-32 or after an application for privileges under this section is reviewed and approved by the board.