{"Dental health practitioner":"A licensed or certified dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, expanded function dental auxiliary, and community dental health coordinator."}
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Displaced Worker Emergency License: Dental Health Practitioner


When a federal emergency declaration is in effect in another state, a dental health practitioner in good standing from the affected state can obtain an emergency license or certification to practice in New Mexico by demonstrating proof of current licensure or certification and providing any other documents requested by the Board of Dental Health Care. This section is limited to up to 4 months after the declaration.

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A. Dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, expanded function dental auxiliary, and community dental health coordinators currently licensed or certified and in good standing, or otherwise meeting the requirements for New Mexico licensure or certification in a state in which a federal disaster has been declared, may be licensed or certified in New Mexico during the four months following the declared disaster at no cost upon satisfying the following requirements: (1) receipt by the board of a completed application which has been signed and notarized and which is accompanied by proof of identity, which may include a copy of a driver's license, passport or other photo identification issued by a governmental entity; (2) licensing qualifications and documentation requirements 16.5.6 NMAC, 16.5.7 NMAC, 16.5.8 NMAC for Dentists, 16.5.19 NMAC, 16.5.20 NMAC, 16.5.21 NMAC for Dental Hygienists, 16.5.33 NMAC for Dental Assistants 16.5.42 NMAC for Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary and 16.5.50 NMAC for Community Dental Health Coordinators; (3) other required information and documentation will be the name and address of employer, copy of diploma, copy of current active license or certificate in good standing in another state, or verification of licensure, copy of DEA license if applicable; a license or certificate will not be granted without a practice location; the board will query the national practitioners databank, American association of dental examiners and other state dental boards where the practitioner has ever held a license or certificate; if any or all of this information or documents are not available or destroyed in a disaster, an affidavit certifying this will be required. B. The board may waive the following requirements for licensure: (1) application fee; (2) background check by a professional background information service; and (3) transcripts from an ADA accredited program. C. The board may waive the specific forms required under the requirements for licensure or certification if the applicant is unable to obtain documentation from the federal declared disaster areas. D. Nothing in this section shall constitute a waiver of the requirements for licensure or certification for dentists as required in 16.5.6 NMAC, 16.5.7 NMAC, 16.5.8 NMAC; dental hygienists as required in 16.5.19 NMAC, 16.5.20 NMAC, 16.5.21 NMAC; dental assistants as required in 16.5.33 NMAC; expanded function dental auxiliary as required in 16.5.42 NMAC and community dental health coordinator as required in 16.5.50 NMAC. E. Licenses and certifications issued under the emergency provision shall expire four months, following the date of issue, unless the board or an agent of the board approves a renewal application. Application for renewal shall be made 30 days prior to the date of expiration and may be renewed no more than once. The applicant must obtain a permanent or temporary license or certification within eight months of the issuance of the initial emergency license or certificate. The board reserves the right to request additional documentation, including but not limited to recommendation forms and work experience verification forms prior to approving license or certification renewal. The board will renew an emergency license or certificate for a period of four months for the following renewal fees: 1 dentists $ 100.00 emergency license renewal fee; 2 dental hygienists $ 50.00 emergency license renewal fee; 3 dental assistants $ 10.00 emergency certificate renewal fee; 4 expanded function $ 10.00 emergency certificate renewal fee; dental auxiliary 5 community dental $ 10.00 emergency certificate renewal fee. health coordinator F. Licensees issued a license or certificate under the emergency provision are subject to all provisions of the Dental Health Care Act, Article 5A and the rules and regulations, Title 16 Chapter 5, specifically the disciplinary proceedings NMSA 1978 Section 61-5A-21.