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Displaced Worker Emergency License: DEA Controlled Substance Registration


When a federal emergency declaration is in effect in another state, an individual, holding a DEA controlled substance registration from the affected state and a temporary license issued by a New Mexico regulatory agency, can obtain an emergency license to practice in New Mexico by completing an application and providing any other documents requested by the Board of Pharmacy. This section is limited to up to 4 months after the declaration.

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A. Emergency provisions for registration by endorsement. Practitioners currently possessing a temporary license issued by a New Mexico regulatory agency and possessing a current drug enforcement administration controlled substance registration in a state in which a federal disaster has been declared may be registered by endorsement in New Mexico during the four months following the declared disaster at no cost with the following requirements: (1) receipt of a completed application which has been signed and accompanied by proof of identity, which may include a copy of a drivers license, passport or other photo identification issued by a governmental entity; (2) other required verification will be obtained online if possible by board staff to include: current licensure status, national practitioners data banks; and (3) nothing in this provision shall constitute a waiver of the requirements for licensure contained in 16.19.20 NMAC. B. Registration expiration. Practitioners registrations issued under 16.19.20 NMAC shall expire six months after issue date.