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Displaced Worker Emergency License: Physical Therapist


When a federal emergency declaration is in effect in another state, a physical therapist in good standing from the affected state can obtain an emergency license to practice in New Mexico by demonstrating proof of current licensure, completing an application, and providing any other documents requested by the Physical Therapy Board. This section is limited to up to 4 months after the declaration.

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A. Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants currently licensed and in good standing, or otherwise meeting the requirements for New Mexico licensure in a state in which a federal disaster has been declared, may be licensed in New Mexico during the four months following the declared disaster upon: (1) completing a signed application accompanied by proof of identity, which may consist of a copy of a driver's license, passport or other photo identification issued by a governmental entity; (2) submitting documentation of graduation from an educational program approved by the commission on accreditation in physical therapy education (CAPTE), proof of successful completion of the national physical therapy examination (NPTE) and jurisprudence exam as specified in NMAC, of these rules (verification may be obtained by email, online verification from the testing agency or university, mail or by fax); (3) verification of licenses held in other states and verification of employment if applicable (verification may be sent to the board by mail, fax or email, through online verification from the state of licensure); (4) proof or documentation of residency and or employment in the area of the federal disaster. B. The board may waive the following requirements for licensure: (1) application fee's prorated for four months; (2) the specific forms required under if the applicant is unable to obtain documentation from the federal declared disaster areas. C. Nothing in this section shall constitute a waiver of the requirements for licensure contained in the board's rules and regulations. D. Licenses issued under (this emergency provision) shall expire four months following the date of issue, unless the board or an agent of the board approves a renewal application. Application for renewal shall be made on or before February 1, following the date of issue to avoid late renewal fees. The board reserves the right to request additional documentation, including but not limited to, recommendation forms and work experience verification forms prior to approving license renewal.