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MCLS 30.411(3)

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Liability: Disaster Relief Activities


An employee of the state or a political subdivision, nongovernmental worker, or volunteer who is engaged in disaster relief activities or training, will not be held legally responsible for death or injury to a person. This section does not apply when providing medical care to a person, except care or treatment provided by an uncompensated search and rescue operation medical assistant or tactical operation medical assistant.

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Powers and duties of personnel of disaster relief forces; liability for personal injury or property damage; right to benefits or compensation; disaster relief workers; immunity; liability and legal obligation of persons owning or controlling real estate or other premises used for shelter; “gross negligence” defined.

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(3) This state or a political subdivision of this state engaged in disaster relief activity is not liable for the death of or injury to a person or persons, or for damage to property, as a result of that activity. The employees, agents, or representatives of this state or a political subdivision of this state and nongovernmental disaster relief force workers or private or volunteer personnel engaged in disaster relief activity are immune from tort liability to the extent provided under section 7 of 1964 PA 170, MCL 691.1407. As used in this section, “disaster relief activity” includes training for or responding to an actual, impending, mock, or practice disaster or emergency.