{"medical professional":"A physician, registered nurse, practical nurse, nursing student under the supervision of a licensed nurse, dentist, veterinarian, pharmacist, pharmacist intern under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, paramedic, or medical resident undergoing training"}
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MCLS 30.411(4)

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Liability: Authorized Medical Professional


When an emergency declaration is in effect, a medical professional, licensed in this or another state, by the federal government, or a branch of the armed forces, who provides their services at the request of a state official will not be held legally responsible for injuries or death to a person. They can be held legally responsible if acting with extreme carelessness or intent to cause harm.

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Powers and duties of personnel of disaster relief forces; liability for personal injury or property damage; right to benefits or compensation; disaster relief workers; immunity; liability and legal obligation of persons owning or controlling real estate or other premises used for shelter; “gross negligence” defined.

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(4) A person licensed to practice medicine or osteopathic medicine and surgery or a licensed hospital, whether licensed in this or another state or by the federal government or a branch of the armed forces of the United States, or an individual listed in subsection (6), who renders services during a state of disaster declared by the governor and at the express or implied request of a state official or agency or county or local coordinator or executive body, is considered an authorized disaster relief worker or facility and is not liable for an injury sustained by a person by reason of those services, regardless of how or under what circumstances or by what cause those injuries are sustained. The immunity granted by this subsection does not apply in the event of an act or omission that is willful or gross negligence. If a civil action for malpractice is filed alleging an act or omission that is willful or gross negligence resulting in injuries, the services rendered that resulted in those injuries shall be judged according to the standards required of persons licensed in this state to perform those services.