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NM Stat. Ann. 24-1-19

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Emergency Inspections: Authorized Personnel


An individual, who is authorized by law to make inspections of private property, can enter land or a building immediately and without prior notice to make an emergency search, if failing to do so would be dangerous to public health or safety.

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Emergency inspectorial searches

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A. Whenever it reasonably appears to an inspection officer that there may be a condition, arising under the laws he is authorized to enforce and imminently dangerous to health and safety, the detection or correction of which requires immediate access, without prior notice, to premises for purposes of inspectorial search, and if consent to such search is refused or cannot be promptly obtained, the inspection officer may make an emergency inspectorial search of the premises without an inspection order. B. Upon completion of the emergency inspectorial search, the inspection officer shall make prompt report of the circumstances to the judicial or administrative authority to whom application for an inspection order would otherwise have been made.