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MCLS 333.17744b(4)

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Liability: Prescription or Dispensing of Opioid Antagonist


A medical professional, who prescribes or dispenses an opioid antagonist to an individual at risk for an opioid overdose or an individual in a position to assist a person at risk will not be held legally responsible for injury or death due to the administration, or failure to administer, of the opioid antagonist.

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Prescribing, possessing, or dispensing opioid antagonist; liability

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(4) A prescriber who issues a prescription for or a dispensing prescriber or pharmacist who dispenses an opioid antagonist as authorized under this section is not liable in a civil action for a properly stored and dispensed opioid antagonist that was a proximate cause of injury or death to an individual due to the administration of or failure to administer the opioid antagonist.