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Alaska Stat. 08.64.366

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Liability: Paramedic


A paramedic who, in good faith, provides emergency services will not be held legally responsible for acting or failing to act. The supervising physician, hospital, staff, nurses, or political subdivision connected with the paramedic will not be held legally responsible for the paramedic's conduct while providing emergency services. This section does not provide legal protections when there is a lack of or improper training or equipment maintenance used by the paramedic.

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Liability for Services rendered by a mobile intensive care paramedic

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An act or omission of a mobile intensive care paramedic done or omitted in good faith while rendering emergency service to a person who is in need of immediate aid in order to avoid serious harm or loss of life does not impose any liability upon the mobile intensive care paramedic, the supervising physician, a hospital, the officers, members of the staff, nurses, or other employees of a hospital or upon a federal, state, borough, city or other local governmental unit or upon other employees of a governmental unit; however, this section does not relieve a physician or a hospital of a duty otherwise imposed by law upon the physician or hospital for the designation or training of a mobile intensive care paramedic or for the provision or maintenance of equipment to be used by the mobile intensive care paramedic.