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MCLS 418.161(1)(o)

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Workers' Compensation: Registered Volunteer Health Professional


An individual registered with the national health professional volunteer register, who is engaged in the performance of their duties or a training, will be considered an employee and is entitled to workers' compensation.

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“Employee” defined; exclusion from coverage of partner or spouse, child, or parent in employer’s family; election by employee to be excluded; notice of election; duration of elected exclusion.

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(o) An individual registered with the state of Michigan verification system described in 42 USC 247d-7b shall be considered an employee of the state of Michigan when engaged in the performance of duties or services as a registrant, or when training to provide those duties or services, except if another employer provides coverage for that individual specifically for duties and services arising from registration with this state. That individual shall be considered to be receiving the state average weekly wage at the time of injury or death, as last determined under section 355, from the state of Michigan for purposes of calculating the weekly rate of compensation provided under this act, except that if the individual’s average weekly wage was greater than the state average weekly wage at the time of injury or death the individual’s weekly rate of compensation shall be determined based upon the individual’s weekly average wage. The state of Michigan shall exercise all the rights and obligations of an employer and carrier as provided for under this act.