{"medical professional":"an emergency medical services provider, physician, physician's assistant, accupunturist, respiratory care professional, midwife, naturopathic doctor, dentist, pharmacist, podiatrist, veterinarian, chiropractor, nurse, speech language pathologist, audiologist, physical therapist, athletic trainer, psychologist, or certified doula"}
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Minn. Stat. 144.4197

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Scope of Practice: Medical Professionals Use of Emergency Vaccines or Drugs


When an emergency declaration is in effect due to a public health threat, the Commissioner of Health can authorize licensed medical professionals to administer vaccines or dispense drugs. The Commissioner will put in writing the categories of professionals included, supervision requirements, and required training. The Commissioner can extend the scope of practice of medical professionals for the duration of the authorization. A medical professional, who, in good faith, follows the authorization, will not be legally or professional responsible.

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Emergency Vaccine Administration; Legend Drug

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When a mayor, county board chair, or legal successor to such official has declared a local emergency under section 12.29 or the governor has declared an emergency under section 12.31, subdivision 1 or 2, or a local community health board or its appointed agent under chapter 145A has requested the commissioner’s assistance in response to an event threatening public health in its jurisdiction, the commissioner of health may authorize any person, including, but not limited to, any person licensed or otherwise credentialed under chapters 144E, 147 to 148, 150A, 151, 153, or 156, to administer vaccinations or dispense legend drugs if the commissioner determines that such action is necessary to protect the health and safety of the public. The authorization shall be in writing and shall contain the categories of persons included in the authorization, any additional training required before performance of the vaccination or drug dispensing by such persons, any supervision required for performance of the vaccination or drug dispensing, and the duration of the authorization. The commissioner may, in writing, extend the scope and duration of the authorization as the emergency warrants. Any person authorized by the commissioner under this section shall not be subject to criminal liability, administrative penalty, professional discipline, or other administrative sanction for good faith performance of the vaccination or drug dispensing duties assigned according to this section.