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Minn. Stat. 148.916

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License Reciprocity: Psychologist


An out-of-state psychologist, sent to this state for the purpose of providing aid during a disaster or emergency, is not required to comply with Minnesota licensing requirements. The American Red Cross, a disaster or emergency organization, or the government must certify the psychologist's assignment in the state. An out-of-state psychologist can work in the state for up to 30 days.

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Subd. 3. Disaster or emergency relief workers. — The requirements of subdivision 1 do not apply to psychologists sent to this state for the sole purpose of responding to a disaster or emergency relief effort of this state government, the federal government, the American Red Cross, or other disaster or emergency relief organization as long as the psychologist is not practicing in Minnesota for longer than 30 days and the American Red Cross, disaster or emergency relief organization, or government can certify the psychologist’s assignment in this state. The board or its designee, at its discretion, may grant an extension to the 30-day time limitation of this subdivision.