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Minn. Stat. 147A.23

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Scope of Practice: Physician Assistant


When an emergency declaration is in effect, a physician assistant can provide services within their scope of practice without the need to follow physician supervision rules. They can also provide care under the supervision available. A physician who supervises a physician assistant, while they provide emergency care, is not required to follow supervision rules.

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Responding to Disaster Situations

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(a) A physician assistant duly licensed or credentialed in a United States jurisdiction or by a federal employer who is responding to a need for medical care created by an emergency according to section 604A.01, or a state or local disaster may render such care as the physician assistant is trained to provide, under the physician assistant’s license or credential, without the need of a physician-physician assistant delegation agreement or a notice of intent to practice as required under section 147A.20. A physician assistant may provide emergency care without physician supervision or under the supervision that is available. (b) The physician who provides supervision to a physician assistant while the physician assistant is rendering care in accordance with this section may do so without meeting the requirements of section 147A.20. (c) The supervising physician who otherwise provides supervision to a physician assistant under a physician-physician assistant delegation agreement described in section 147A.20 shall not be held medically responsible for the care rendered by a physician assistant pursuant to paragraph (a). Services provided by a physician assistant under paragraph (a) shall be considered outside the scope of the relationship between the supervising physician and the physician assistant.