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Minn. Stat. 145A.06(8)(a)

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License Reciprocity: Volunteer Health Practitioner


When an emergency declaration is in effect, an out-of-state licensed volunteer health practitioner, who is registered with an emergency registration system, is in good standing with their license, and is requested to provide aid in Minnesota can practice in Minnesota within the scope of practice of their state

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Commissioner; Powers and Duties

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Subd. 8. Volunteer health practitioners licensed in other states. (a) While an emergency declaration is in effect, a volunteer health practitioner who is (1) registered with a registration system that complies with the emergency system for the advanced registration of volunteer health professionals (ESAR-VHP) established under United States Code, title 42, section 247d-7b; (2) licensed and in good standing in the state upon which the practitioner’s registration is based; and (3) (i) requested for deployment by the state’s authorized representative under section 192.89, or (ii) deployed pursuant to an agreement between the disaster relief organization, professional association of health practitioners, health care facilities or providers, or other individuals or entities and the state’s authorized representative under section 192.89, may practice in this state within the scope of practice authorized in the licensing state and to the extent authorized by this section as if the practitioner were licensed in this state. A “volunteer health practitioner” means a health practitioner who provides health or veterinary services, whether or not the practitioner receives compensation for those services. The term does not include a practitioner who receives compensation pursuant to a preexisting employment relationship with a host entity or affiliate which requires the practitioner to provide health services in this state, unless the practitioner is not a resident of this state and is employed by a disaster relief organization providing services in this state while an emergency declaration is in effect.