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CMSR 30-027-2703(1.1)(B)(4)

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License Reciprocity: Nursing Home Administrator


When an emergency declaration is in effect, an out-of-state licensed nursing home administrator, who is in good standing, can work in a Mississippi nursing home. They are required to provide proof, a picture I.D., and can work for up to 60 days in the state.

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Licensure, Regulations, and Administrative Hearings

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(4)  Under a declared state of emergency lawfully declared by either Federal, State or Local government, an administrator who holds a valid license in good standing in another state, may be eligible to work as the administrator of record in a Mississippi nursing home facility after he or she submits to the Board office: (a)  a picture I.D.; (b)  proof of a current nursing home administrator license which is valid and in good standing in another state; (c)  a completed 1 page Application designed for this purpose; The authority to work under these emergency conditions will be for a maximum period of sixty (60) days.