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Miss. Code Ann. 83-17-409

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License Reciprocity: Insurance Adjuster


When an emergency declaration is in effect, the Commissioner of Insurance can issue emergency insurance adjuster license to residents and nonresidents of the state who may or may not be licensed adjusters. They can work for up to 90 days and must be certified by a licensed insurance adjuster.

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Emergency licenses; conditions for issuing; fee

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In the event of a catastrophe or emergency which arises out of a disaster, act of God, riot, civil commotion, conflagration or other similar occurrence, the commissioner, upon application, shall issue an emergency license to persons who are residents or nonresidents of this state and who may or may not be otherwise licensed adjusters. Such emergency license shall remain in force for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days, unless extended for an additional period of ninety (90) days by the commissioner. The applicant must be certified by (a) a person licensed under the provisions of this article, or by (b) an insurer who maintains an office in this state and is licensed to do business in this state. The licensed adjuster or insurer who certifies the applicant under the provisions of this section shall be responsible for the loss or claims practices of the emergency license holder.    Within five (5) days of any applicant beginning work as an adjuster under this section, the employer of such adjuster shall certify to the commissioner such application without being deemed in violation of this article, provided that the commissioner, after notice and hearing, may revoke the emergency license upon the grounds as otherwise contained in this article providing for revocation of an adjuster's license.    The fee for an emergency license shall be in an amount not to exceed Fifty Dollars ($ 50.00) as determined by the commissioner and shall be due and payable within thirty (30) days of the issuance of such emergency license.