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7 AAC 26.150(f)

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License Reciprocity: EMT


EMT-I, EMT-II, and EMT-III certificates can be issued to a person from another state, territory, or nation when providing care under a mutual aid agreement. The person must have completed appropriate training and requirements. The supervising physician for the EMT is not required to be located or licensed in Alaska.

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(f) The department will, in its discretion, issue an EMT-I, EMT-II, or EMT-III certificate to a person living in another state, territory, or nation, if the person will provide care in this state under a mutual aid agreement with an emergency medical service certified under AS 18.08 and this chapter. The applicant must meet the requirements of 7 AAC 26.030, except that a person providing advanced life support may be under the sponsorship of a physician licensed in the other state, territory, or nation who agrees to fulfill the requirements outlined in 7 AAC 26.640.