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RSA 329:25

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Liability: Retired Physician


A retired physician who, in good faith, without compensation, and after giving notice to the Board of Medicine, provides education to the public will not be held legally responsible for giving the education.

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Retired Physicians; Immunity From Civil Liability

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Any person who has retired from the practice of medicine and who has notified the board of such person's intention to participate in a program for the education of the public in matters involving the practice of medicine may hold himself or herself out as being retired from the active practice of medicine by adding the designation “Ret,” or “Retired” after the reference to such person's medical degrees. Any such retired physician shall be immune from civil liability for providing education in good faith, without compensation in public forums or in response to individual inquiries from members of the public. Education as used in this section does not include advice given to individual members of the public which is in the nature of diagnosis or treatment.