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332.112 R.S.Mo.

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Volunteer License: Dentist


A retired dentist can apply to obtain a volunteer license to provide free dental services at health departments or community health centers. They must have previously held a license for at least 10 years in good standing without a lapse period greater than 4 years.

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Volunteer license, requirements - renewal - limitation on practice - no application fee

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1.  A person desiring to obtain a volunteer license to practice dentistry shall: (1)  Submit to the board a verified affidavit stating that he or she has been licensed to practice dentistry in Missouri or in any state or territory of the United States or the District of Columbia for at least ten years and has not allowed that license to lapse or expire for a period of time greater than four years immediately preceding the date of application for a volunteer license, is retired from the practice of dentistry, and that his or her license was in good standing at retirement; and (2)  Meet the requirements in section 332.151. 2.  Effective with the licensing period beginning on December 1, 2010, a volunteer license to practice dentistry shall be renewed every two years. To renew a license, each dentist shall submit satisfactory evidence of current certification in the American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), or certification equivalent to BLS or ACLS and completion of forty hours of board-approved continuing education during the two-year period immediately preceding the renewal period. Continuing education hours earned towards certification in BLS or ACLS may be applied towards the forty hours of continuing education required for renewal. Each dentist shall maintain documentation of completion of the required continuing education hours for a minimum of six years after the reporting period in which the continuing education was completed. The board, solely in its discretion, may allow a dentist working at a facility outlined in subsection 3 of this section to credit time spent working in that facility towards the forty-hour continuing education requirement for renewal. The board, solely in its discretion, may waive or extend the time requirements for completion of continuing education for reasons related to health, military service, foreign residency, or for other good cause. All requests for credit for continuing education hours and requests for waivers or extensions of time shall be made in writing and submitted to the board before the renewal date. 3.  A dentist with a volunteer license may only provide without compensation dental care and preventative care services to family members or at facilities operated by city or county health departments organized under chapter 192 or 205, city health departments operating under city charters, combined city-county health centers, public elementary or secondary schools, federally funded community health centers, or nonprofit community health centers. 4.  The board shall not charge a fee for any application for a volunteer license to practice dentistry nor to renew a volunteer license to practice dentistry.