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190.500 R.S.Mo.

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License Reciprocity: Health Care Professional


When an emergency declaration is in effect, a health care professional licensed and in good standing in another state can be issued a temporary license to provide their services. This license can be reissued every 2 weeks. License verification can be obtained by any means available.

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Temporary license - qualified health care professions - declared emergency

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1.  Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, a temporary license may be issued for no more than a twelve-month period by the appropriate licensing board to any otherwise qualified health care professional licensed and in good standing in another state and who meets such other requirements as the licensing board may prescribe by rule and regulation, if the health care professional: (1)  Is acting pursuant to federal military orders under Title X for active duty personnel or Title XXXII for National Guard members; and (2)  Is enrolled in an accredited training program for trauma treatment and disaster response in a hospital in this state; or (3)  If the health care professional is acting pursuant to the governor’s declaration of an emergency as defined in section 44.010, such temporary licensure shall be issued pursuant to this subdivision for a two-week period and, upon license verification, may be reissued every two weeks thereafter. 2.  Licensure information and confirmation of health care professionals acting pursuant to this section may be obtained by any available means, including electronic mail. 3.  For purposes of this section, the term “health care professional” shall have the same meaning as such term is defined in section 383.130.