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287.243 R.S.Mo. 2(4)

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Workers' Compensation: Volunteer Firefighter


A volunteer firefighter, who is injured or killed while performing their duties, is entitled to workers' compensation

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Line of duty compensation — definitions — claim procedure — no subrogation rights for employers or insurers — grievance procedures — sunset date — fund created, use of moneys — rulemaking authority

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(4)  “Firefighter”, any person, including a volunteer firefighter, employed by the state or a local governmental entity as an employer defined under subsection 1 of section 287.030, or otherwise serving as a member or officer of a fire department either for the purpose of the prevention or control of fire or the underwater recovery of drowning victims; (5)  “Killed in the line of duty”, when any person defined in this section loses his or her life when: (a)  Death is caused by an accident or the willful act of violence of another; (c)  Death is the natural and probable consequence of the injury; and (d)  Death occurs within three hundred weeks from the date the injury was received.