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Nev. Rev. Stat. Ann. 41.500(5)

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Liability: Firefighter


An individual, who is a member of a public firefighting organization and who, in good faith, provides emergency care or assistance, that they are authorized to perform, for a person in need at the scene of an emergency, will not be held legally responsible for acting or for failing to act. They can be held legally responsible if acting with extreme carelessness or intent to cause harm. Generally, Good Samaritan laws only offer protection for those individuals who provide care during spontaneous emergencies unrelated to volunteer deployment.

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General rule; volunteers; members of search and rescue organization; persons rendering cardiopulmonary resuscitation or using defibrillator; presumptions relating to emergency care rendered on public school grounds or in connection with public school activities; business or organization that has defibrillator for use on premises

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5. Any person who is employed by or serves as a volunteer for a public fire-fighting agency and who is authorized pursuant to chapter 450B of NRS to render emergency medical care at the scene of an emergency is not liable for any civil damages as a result of any act or omission, not amounting to gross negligence, by that person in rendering that care or as a result of any act or failure to act, not amounting to gross negligence, to provide or arrange for further medical treatment for the injured or ill person.