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37-4-341, MCA

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License Reciprocity: Dentist or Dental Hygienist


A dentist or dental hygienist who is licensed and in good standing in another state can be issued a restricted temporary license to provided uncompensated care at federally funded community health centers. This license can be renewed annually.

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Licensure of out-of-state volunteer dentists and dental hygienists without examination

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(1) The board may issue a restricted temporary license to a nonresident dentist or dental hygienist, without examination, to practice in a clinic listed in 37-4-103(6) if the applicant: (a) has graduated from a dental or dental hygiene program or school accredited by the commission on dental accreditation; (b) is currently licensed in another state as an actively practicing dentist or dental hygienist; and (c) is in good standing and does not have a disciplinary action pending in the other state. (2) A dentist or dental hygienist holding a restricted temporary license under this section: (a) may not receive monetary or other compensation for providing services; and (b) may serve only those persons served by the clinics listed in 37-4-103(6). (3) An application for a restricted temporary license must be submitted on a form approved by the board. (4) The board shall issue a restricted temporary license within 60 days of receipt of a completed application that demonstrates that the applicant meets the requirements of this section. A temporary restricted license may be renewed annually. (5) A restricted temporary license is not intended as a means to allow an applicant to practice in this state before a permanent license is granted or as a means to obtain a permanent license when the applicant does not otherwise meet the requirements for permanent licensure. (6) The board may adopt rules to implement this section, including but not limited to rules to: (a) establish the scope of practice for a dentist or dental hygienist practicing with a temporary license; (b) establish a limitation on the number of days a dentist or dental hygienist may practice with a temporary license during any 12-month period; and (c) set fees for issuance of the license that must be commensurate with costs.