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10-3-909, MCA

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License Reciprocity: Intrastate Mutual Aid System


When an emergency declaration is in effect or during a drill, a person or entity, who holds a license, certificate, or permit issued by a participating jurisdiction, will be considered licensed, certified, or permitted in the requesting jurisdiction. This section is limited to intrastate mutual aid system.

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Intrastate mutual aid system - portability of bona fides

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If a person or entity holds a license, certificate, permit, or similar documentation that evidences the person’s or entity’s qualifications in a professional, mechanical, or other skill and the assistance of the person or entity is requested by a member jurisdiction, the person or entity is: (1) considered to be licensed, certified, permitted, or otherwise documented in the member jurisdiction that requests assistance for the duration of the emergency or disaster or of the drills or exercises; and (2) subject to any legal limitations or conditions prescribed by the governing body or chief executive of the member jurisdiction that receives the assistance.