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10-3-911, MCA

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Workers' Compensation: Intrastate Mutual Aid System


An individual, who is performing duties for a intrastate mutual aid agreement and is injured or killed, will be entitled to the same workers' compensation as if they were in their home jurisdiction. This section is limited to statewide mutual aid agreements.

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Intrastate mutual aid system - workers' compensation coverage

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(1) If a person is an employee of a member jurisdiction that responds to a request for assistance from a member jurisdiction and the person sustains injury in the course of providing the requested assistance, the person is entitled to all applicable benefits, including workers’ compensation benefits, normally available to the person as an employee of the member jurisdiction that employs the person. (2) If the person’s injury results in the person’s death, the person’s estate must receive any additional state and federal benefits that may be available for death in the line of duty.