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67-2-105, MCA

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Workers' Compensation: Air Search and Rescue Volunteer


An air search and rescue volunteer, who is injured or killed while performing their duties, is entitled to workers' compensation.

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Air search and rescue volunteers - expenses - workers' compensation coverage

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(1) The department may temporarily employ an aircrew member or other person who volunteers to aid in the aerial search for a missing aircraft being conducted by the department. (2) The department and volunteer stand in the relationship of employer and employee for purposes of and as those terms are defined in Title 39, chapter 71. The department must have each volunteer covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act in Title 39, chapter 71, during the course of the volunteer’s assistance. (3) Volunteers are not salaried employees and are not entitled to wages and benefits. The department may in its discretion reimburse volunteers for their otherwise uncompensated out-of-pocket expenses, including but not limited to their expenditures for fuel, oil, food, and lodging.