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Nev. Rev. Stat. Ann. 284.357

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Workers' Benefits: Entitlement to Salary Payment While Volunteering


A state employee, who volunteers as a firefighter, emergency medical technician, ambulance driver, reserve member of a law enforcement department, or sheriff’s office, is entitled to their regular salary payments during their time spent volunteering.

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Deduction from salary for service during working hours as volunteer firefighter, voluntary medical technician, volunteer reserve member of police department or sheriff's office or volunteer ambulance driver or attendant prohibited

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1. All employees, whether in the classified or in the unclassified service of the State of Nevada, must be paid their salaries as fixed by law without diminution on account of any time spent away from state employment while acting as: (a) Volunteer firefighters of any regular organized and recognized fire department in the protection of life or property; (b) Volunteer emergency medical technicians certified pursuant to chapter 450B of NRS; (c) Volunteer reserve members of a police department or a sheriff's office; or (d) Volunteer ambulance drivers or attendants, during working hours or fractions thereof which should otherwise have been devoted to state employment. 2. As used in this section, “volunteer ambulance driver or attendant” means a person who is a driver of or attendant on an ambulance owned or operated by: (a) A nonprofit organization that provides volunteer ambulance service in any county, city or town in this State; or (b) A political subdivision of this State.