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10 GCA 19608(b)(1)-(2)

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License Reciprocity: Health Care Provider


When a public health emergency declaration is in effect, public health authorities can waive licensing requirements for health care providers licensed in other jurisdictions. This section only applies during the duration of the public health emergency.

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Licensing and Appointment of Health Personnel

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(b) Health Care Providers from Other Jurisdictions. To appoint and prescribe the duties of such out-of-off-Guam emergency health care providers as may be reasonable and necessary to respond to the public health emergency. (1) The appointment of off-Guam emergency health care providers may be for a limited or unlimited time, but shall not exceed the termination of the declaration of a state of public health emergency. The public health authority may terminate the off-Guam appointments at any time or for any reason; provided, that any such termination will not jeopardize the health, safety and welfare of the People of Guam. (2) The public health authority may waive any or all licensing requirements, permits or fees required by the Government Code of Guam and applicable orders, rules or regulations for health care providers from other jurisdictions to practice on Guam.