{"Volunteer emergency responder":"An individual who is a member of a Nebraska-based Civil Air Patrol, state emergency response team, volunteer fire department, volunteer fire company, or volunteer first-aid, rescue, ambulance, or emergency squad."}
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R.R.S. Neb. 35-1403

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Workers’ Benefits: Volunteer Emergency Responder


A volunteer emergency responder, who misses work or who comes to work late, because they were deployed to respond to an emergency will not be fired or professionally disciplined by their regular employer. This provision only applies if the employer employs ten or more employees.

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Employer; prohibited acts

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No employer shall terminate or take any other disciplinary action against any employee who is a volunteer emergency responder if such employee, when acting or actively deployed as a volunteer emergency responder, is absent from or reports late to his or her place of employment in order to respond to an emergency prior to the time such employee is to report to his or her place of employment.