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Alaska Stat. 23.30.246

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Workers' Compensation: Search and Rescue Volunteer


An Alaska resident who temporarily volunteers in a search and rescue training exercise or services and is injured or killed during the training or services is considered a state employee for the purposes of workers' compensation. The volunteer must have been acting within the scope of their training, be an authorized participant in the training or service, and not otherwise covered for workers' compensation.

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Search & Rescue personnel as state employees

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(a) A resident of the state who temporarily volunteers to participate in a search and rescue training exercise or a search and rescue activity and who suffers injury or death during the course and within the scope of training for or providing search and rescue services is considered an employee of the state for purposes of this chapter if, at the time of the injury or death, the volunteer (1) is an authorized participant in a search and rescue training exercise under AS 18.60.115 or a search and rescue activity under AS 18.60.120; and (2) is not otherwise covered for that injury or death by an employer's workers' compensation insurance policy or self-insurance certificate. (b) Notwithstanding the methods for calculating an employee's gross weekly earnings under AS 23.30.220, the gross weekly earnings for a resident of the state temporarily engaged as a volunteer under (a) of this section are equal to the state average weekly wage.