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1 CSR 20-5.020(5)

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Workers' Benefits: Leave of Absence


An employee of an agency, who is a certified disaster service volunteer,can be granted leave without loss of pay or leave to provide aid to disaster relief services for the American Red Cross or a registered volunteer organization. This section is limited to 120 work hours and 25 full time employees per state fiscal year.

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Leaves of Absence

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(5)  Leave for disaster relief shall be governed by the following provisions: (A)  Leave under this section shall be limited to persons who have completed the necessary training for, and have been certified as, disaster service specialists by the American Red Cross or certified by a volunteer organization with a disaster service commitment recognized by the State Emergency Management Agency; (B)  Employees who are certified in accordance with subsection (5)(A) may, with appointing authority approval, be granted leave of absence from their respective duties, without loss of pay or leave, impairment of performance appraisal, or loss of any rights or benefits to which otherwise entitled. This will cover all periods of disaster service during which they are engaged in the performance of duty under an applicable letter of agreement for a period not to exceed a total of one hundred twenty (120) work hours in any state fiscal year. Other absences for service for the Red Cross or other volunteer organization, not elsewhere provided for in these rules, may be charged to accrued annual leave, compensatory time, or leave of absence without pay; (C)  In the event of a need for the specialist's services, the local Red Cross or the State Emergency Management Agency will send a service agreement for disaster operations to the employee. The employee will present the service agreement to their supervisor and appointing authority for approval. Upon approval, the employee will return the signed service agreement to the American Red Cross or the State Emergency Management Agency who will provide a copy to the Office of Administration, Division of Personnel; (D)  An employee who returns to work from disaster relief shall be placed into his/her former position; (E)  No more than twenty-five (25) full-time state employees may be absent in any state fiscal year. Each employee is subject to a cap of one hundred twenty (120) work hours per fiscal year of disaster relief leave; and (F)  Upon written order of the governor, additional employees, who have not been absent on other disaster leave this fiscal year, not to exceed twenty-five (25) full-time equivalent state employees, may be granted leave pursuant to this section to participate in specialized disaster relief services for disasters occurring within the state.