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25 L.P.R.A. 331z

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Workers’ Compensation: Volunteer Firefighter


A volunteer firefighter who is injured or killed in the performance of their duties will be entitled to the same workers’ compensation benefits as Puerto Rican government officials.

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Volunteer Firefighters Corps

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The Volunteer Firefighters Corps is hereby created to serve the Puerto Rican community. It shall be composed of members of the community who shall serve in a voluntary capacity. The Fire Chief shall determine, through its bylaws, the admission requirements, obligations, responsibilities and conduct of the volunteers, as well as the uniform and other equipment to be used by them. For purposes of §§ 1 et seq. of Title 11, known as the “Compensation System for Work-Related Accidents Act”, while in the performance of their duties as such the Volunteer Firefighters shall be included in the concept of “Commonwealth officials”. In case of a work accident or illness and for purposes of payment of per diems or compensation as such, the weekly salary shall be estimated based on the salary accrued in his regular position or employment. If unemployed, it shall be computed on the basis of the weekly salary corresponding to the minimum wage. With the prior agreement of the Administrator of the State Insurance Fund, the Fire Chief shall pay an annual premium to the Fund as coverage for the protection of all the Volunteer Firefighters. The cost of that premium shall be consigned in the operational budget of the agency.