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3 L.P.R.A. 1466

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Workers’ Benefits: Leave for Public Employee


An individual who is a public employee can leave their place of employment to provide volunteer services to the Civil Defense Corps during a declared emergency or to provide volunteer services to the American Red Cross.

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Norms; types of fringe benefits

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Given that fringe benefits constitute an area so needed by and with such transcendental effect on public employees, in order to maintain a uniform and fair human resources administration, the following norms are hereby established: Fringe benefits shall be: . . . . (7) Furthermore, special leaves for a justified cause shall be granted, with or without pay, as the case may be, such as but not limited to: leave for judicial purposes; leave with pay in activities in which the employee is representing the country; military leave; two (2) working-hour leave at the beginning and the end of each school semester to go to their children’s school to be informed of their academic performance; leave to vaccinate their children; leave for volunteer services to the Civil Defense Corps in cases of disaster; leave to render volunteer services to the American Red Cross; sports leave; and leave to donate blood. Provided, That the aforementioned leaves shall be governed by the special laws that grant them through regulations.