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20 L.P.R.A. 3468

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License Reciprocity: Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic


An emergency medical technician or paramedic, with a license issued by an accredited educational institution outside of Puerto Rico and who has taken a revalidation exam, can apply for a provisional license for up to one year.

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Provisional licenses

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It is hereby established that all EMT-Ps and EMT-Bs who have pursued studies in an accredited educational institution, based on the curricula of the U.S. Department of Transportation, shall be entitled to apply for a provisional license with a maximum effectiveness of one (1) year, provided he/she has applied to take the revalidation examination, and has met all the requirements to request the same. Provided, further, That the Board may renew the provisional license for an additional period of one year. In order to be entitled to this additional period, all EMT-Ps and EMT-Bs must have taken the revalidation examination at least once, during the effectiveness of their provisional license.