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Workers' Benefits: State Employee Volunteer Leave


A state employee, who is a certified disaster service volunteer of the American Red Cross, is entitled to leave with regular pay to participate in disaster relief operations upon request of the American Red Cross and approval of employee's appointing authority. Leave will be granted only for services related to a disaster designated as level II or higher by the American Red Cross. During leave, the employee will not be considered a state employee for the purposes of workers' compensation or tort claims. This is limited to 15 work days in a 12 month period either consecutively or nonconsecutively .

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Disaster service leave

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(a) Applicability of section. -- This section applies to all employees, including temporary employees, of all units in the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of State government, including any unit with an independent personnel system. (b) Requirements for leave with pay. -- On request, an employee subject to this section may be entitled to disaster service leave with pay if: (1) the employee is certified by the American Red Cross as a disaster service volunteer; and (2) the American Red Cross requests the services of the employee during a disaster that is designated at Level II or above in the regulations and procedures of the National Office of the American Red Cross. (c) Amount allowed. -- An employee may use up to 15 days of disaster service leave in any 12-month period only after obtaining approval from the employee's appointing authority. (d) Employment status for purposes of certain claims. -- For purposes of workers' compensation and the Maryland Tort Claims Act, while an employee is using disaster service leave, the employee is deemed not to be a State employee.